Courses and Programs

Courses and Programs

The Following courses are being offered in Term 1 2021. Click on the links below for more information about each of the courses.

Challenging Contemporary Fiction


Cryptic Crosswords – Beginners

Cryptic Crosswords – Continuers

Cryptic Crosswords – P-Platers

Current Affairs


Golf Croquet

History – Australian

History – Thursday

History – Tuesday

History of Medicine

Introduction to PowerPoint

iPad forums

Modern Fiction Book Group


Tai Chi



Ukulele – Beginners

Walking – Monday

Walking – Wednesday

Windows Forums



HELP Is anyone available to teach chess.  There are chess sets available at the Rooms for use.

ALSO We would like to hear from anyone interested in leading or Co-ordinating groups.  Co-ordinating means leading a group playing, UNO, dominoes or doing your favourite activities with a group of like minded members.

Courses are mostly free, unless there is a charge for venue or materials, this is to be paid on enrolment, or no later than the first session.

We depend on our members for these courses, so if you feel that you could share your knowledge or interests with others or lead a group with a common interest, please contact Jenny Sadllier