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Courses Term 3 2019 Term 3 program Click here for the whole program 

Put this on the Fridge, 2019 Term 3 Course summary and highlight to remind you of your courses.


For additional information, please contact the Program Co-ordinator, Wendy Smith by:

                                 phoning 0475 227 726 or by


Courses are mostly free, unless there is a charge for venue or materials, this is to be paid on enrolment, or no later than the first session.

We depend on our members for these courses, so if you feel that you could share your knowledge or interests with others or lead a group with a common interest, please contact Wendy Smith 

Presenters and group leaders for this Term:

Annabel Ashworth

Virginia Austin

Patsy Burke

Helen Ritchie

Lyndall McKenzie

Shirley Knight

Lynne Gilks

Dianna Gilkes

Michael Johnson

Pat Harris

Brian Pierce

Jan Morris

Kay Deaves

Terri Mower

Wendy Smith

Leila Weekes

Yvonne Overton

Jack Van Hest

Gordon Holding

Michael Johnson

Nancy Sayer

Pat Harris

Euan Coutts

Irene Ward

Pam Whitney