Christmas Luncheon Photos

VP Euan and Friend

Nancy is fascinated

And now she has to study it

Great to see Pat back on deck

Great music from the Uke Band

The always smiling woods


Thank you to Gordon Holding Luncheon

Group from Home Medicine Review short talk with leader.

Andromeda Field Trip

Inside was absolutely fasinating

SES Field Trip

U3A NSW Conference

Conference Attendees with Tamworth Country Hats


Meg Larkin and friends at the Dinner


Euan Couts enjoying morning tea with aboriginal elder Aunty Yvonne Cootes


Gabrielle Clarke sharing morning tea with Tamworth U3A Members


NSW Network President, Ian Robertson, Hon Dr Kay Patterson AO Age Discrimination Commissioner, Meg Larkin, Treasurer, U3A Tamworth and John Sharkey, President U3A Tamworth


Attendees listening carefully to Meagan Lawson, Council for the Ageing


Lyndall McKenzie, Diane Sharkey, President U3A Tamworth, John Sharkey and Hon Dr. Kay Patterson AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner.

Group of interested Attendees.

2018 Christmas Luncheon

2018 SES Excursion

2018 Fun and Delicious food at Greek Cooking


New Worlds Luncheon


Launch Day Term  4

Presentation to Jan Morris                               

Wendy helping with course selection

President John                                             Wendy

Connexxions Cafe

Excursion to Andromeda

control-panel graham-looks-on-with-interest

Control Panel                                                              Graham looks on with interest

jan-in-deep-discussion john-fuller-supervisor

Jan Deep in Discussion                                           John Fuller, Supervisor

ready-to-go rolls-of-rubber

Ready for shipping                                                     Rolls of Rubber


The Press and control                            Some things they have made

this-is-how-it-works   and, this is how it works.

Excursion to Werris Creek Railway Museum

Reading the plaques

Reading the plaques


Reading the plaques

Reading the plaques


Miniature trains waiting

Miniature trains waiting

IMG_1196 IMG_1195 IMG_1194

watching the miniature trains

watching the miniature trains

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